Companion Cube

I gave a little talk at Starbase Leicester last night about how modern manufacturing had reached the hobbyist market and that local hackspaces were now filled with CNC mills, laser cutters and 3D printers amongst other useful things. I tried to tie this all in to the cosplay that they were doing and I hope it filled them with ideas about what is actually possible with access to the right tools.

I showed some of my laser cut pepakura but I also drew and laser cut a paper version of a companion cube. The plan was that people would help me assemble it and the space would get to keep it. In the best laid plans of these things that never really happened so I came home with a box full of paper parts. While watching some TV I thought I would assemble it. After a few hours of show and only having one corner made I realised that I just don't have time for this kind of thing anymore. If I'm invested in a project I will make the time but something disposable like this object would be better made using different techniques (3D print for example)

Anyway, this is the post that could have happened. I have a nice 3D model and laser cuttable papercraft files all ready to go if you want to laser cut you own. If anyone does find the time then please send me an image of the completed item (I did enough testing on it to be 100% positive it will assemble correctly)(svg here)(stl here)