Massive Marble Machine 4

Frustrated by a lack of progress (and wood) on some of my larger projects with looming deadlines, I instead settled on an easy win last night. Ever since I made the quick and dirty Massive Marble Machine 1 by doubling up the size and thickness of everything I have been meaning to redo the machine with more sensible proportions. Marble Machine 1 turns out to be not such a quick conversion but Marble Machine 4 accepted the conversion willingly. This time I only doubled up the parts that actually needed it, leaving all the other parts as a single sheet.


The steps are all doubled and have massive chunky thickness, I modified the additional steps to keep the slope angle the same. This could be done smarter but I like the chunky appeal. I also doubled up on the cams, this really could be done a better way so I'll change that, but expect this machine to be released into the wilds of the shop soon.