Maxi Empire Map

After the mini map comes the inevitable maxi map. Prototyping an item of this size is, of course, logical and sensible but it can't iron out all the creases for you.

Each region on this map was cut as a separate section, to more clearly define each territory. Each region has a different heigh to most of it's neighbours, loosely based on whichever tile has the most mountains.

One of the regions was just too large for my laser cutter at home so I had to take it to Nottingham Hackspace and use their shiny new machine. The base boards were also cut and etched on that machine, each 800x600mm etch took just 90 minutes on that machine. 

 Just like a giant jigsaw puzzle the map slowly came together. Last time the region names were just etched into the plate and they disappeared into map, this time I chose to outline the letters instead (and making sure they weren't engraved) I think coloured the letters in with a sharpie pen to make sure they stood out.

Here you can see the world map in action with the war leaders being forced to make some really tough decisions like "Do I want 1 lump of sugar or 2 in my tea"

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