Strike Placard

My wife is a Junior Dr which means she was on strike today, out on the picket line in the rain. Her cardboard sign dissolved and I realised I could step in and make something more substantial. The batons along the top and bottom aren't really necessary but the board was rescued from a previous project.

For anyone who isn't aware of the situation, the government want to make the NHS run a 7 day elective service. This means you can have your non essential procedures done at the weekend. To achieve this it intends to make junior doctors work longer hours and more weekends without putting any more money into the service. This is obviously not safe for patients or fair for doctors.

The government has mislead the public by stating that the NHS does not operate at the weekend.
They have incorrectly claimed that you are more likely to die if you go to hospital at the weekend.
They have claimed that they will give the doctors a pay rise, the 11% rise to the base pay is negated by the 30% reduction to evening/weekend pay.
The doctors are keen to negotiate terms for a 7 day NHS but the government are imposing their contract anyway, despite fears of patient safety and questions over it's legality.
Amid all this Jeremy Hunt even launched an inquiry to find out the cause of low morale in junior doctors but conditions and pay were to be excluded from the investigation.

It's a special time for the NHS, please support our Junior doctors.

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