SSR Switch Box

Twice recently I have forgotten to turn on the air pump for my laser, the result was acrylic gunk all over the nozzle and I narrowly avoided cracking a lens. The Leetro controller has the capability to turn the pumps on automatically with the appropriate hardware. I connected up a Solid State Relay to the Y1 output on the controller, this SSR will switch 240V @ 25DA so is more than capable of turning the extractor fan and air pump on/off. I made up a little switch box to give me somewhere to easily plug things in without modifying their leads. 

It's a simple arrangement and functioned as intended, the problem lies with the leetro controller. It turns the air off between layers and immediately after cutting. Ideally I need some smoothing and maybe a 60 second delay between the output turning off and the air turning off. Something to work on in the future I guess.

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