3D Printed Replacement Ladder Lock

The ladder lock broke on my loft ladder, maybe even a year ago. It's a minor irritation but now that I have a 3D printer that functions it's the kind of thing that I can look at fixing. The piece looked simple enough to replicate by measuring so I set about drawing up a replacement. The whole thing took about an hour with my children helping, the 3d print had a 50% infill to ensure it was string enough and took an hour to print (stl here)


The part was 3D modelled using Cinema4D, it's an old demo version from many moons ago. I need to spend some time learning Blender but it's good enough for now.

The piece came out well and 3D printed at a sensible scale. I wish I had included a little bit more room for the yellow sliding latch. I simply included some washers as spacers before pop riveting it back onto the ladder. It works well and seems sturdy enough to last.

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