Christmas Light Spacers

The Christmas lights are just neopixel strips hanging from the guttering. In previous years I've tried to make various hangups to secure the strips in position relative to each other and the gutter but over time with the wind and rain they all start to droop and slide between the fixtures. This time around I had some appropriate lengths of 6mm exterior ply so it made sense to create a whole backboard fixture and cable tie the lights at regular intervals. 
The boards were cut by hand and the holes drilled through all 4 boards at once so there wasn't much to laser cut but with that many holes to drill it made sense to create a jig to line up the hole drilling. The four boards were bolted together to avoid slippage and the jig had two of it's own bolts to align it easily with the previous row of holes. The hundreds of holes in the boards were drilled far faster than the strips attached to them.

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