One Way Out Escape Rooms

Today we visited One Way Out Escape Rooms, it was a very impromptu thing due to a request they made last night for someone to play test their new game. The room is called 'Coming home' and it's so new it isn't even listed in their rooms yet. The game itself is great, in fact it's so complete that I felt guilty about play testing, we could only offer minimal advice to improve upon it. One tiny piece was made of card and I felt it would be better/sturdier if made of wood so I knocked this up quickly when I got home.

We've done several of the rooms at one way out now and it's rapidly become my favourite escape rooms. The rooms are actually challenging and full of puzzles and things to do for the whole team. If you like escape rooms I would definitely recommend a visit. If your nervous about doing your first room they've got you covered too with 'the puzzle room', it's an open lounge room where you can solve the clues at your own pace. With no jump scares and horror themes, I like the family vibe they give out and you often see families on their daily photos.

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