Z Height Drop

The G Weike machines we imported from China were always quite big, they didn't split in the middle and they wouldn't fit through a single doorway, this was because the Z axis drops all the way down to the floor allowing you to engrave the surface of deep boxes. In reality this is something nobody ever does and fitting machines through doorways is far more common but just this once I actually used the maximum capacity of the machine. With the Z axis all the way down to the floor and the nozzle extension tube shortened I was just about able to fit this travellers chest into my machine. I had to pad the bottom side of the chest to keep it flat and level.

If you're interested in discovering more about this box and the contents then you can check it out at One Way Out Escape Rooms, it's central to their new game 'Robots Return'. They're cautiously opening again on the 4th of July to single households and I can vouch that their games are great to play, I'm obviously biased about this new game but we played 'Gas Alert' and 'Framed' before I started doing any work for them and they're still some of my favourite games to date. Real puzzles for an escape room.

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