Dye Rack

I've been using a lot of wood dye for projects recently, especially the tablets, the dyes have all been thrown at the back of the workbench and the cloths loitering around in front of them, some of the colours are very similar though and I swear they've been jumbled up throughout the process so some dyes are coming out darker than they should. I made this dye rack to hold all the different cans and their cloths respectively so now it's much tidier and no chance of them getting jumbled. 

I put some extra effort into finishing it nicely, sanding each part and staining it using medium oak wood dye. I feel like it'll be hanging around the workshop for a while. Amusingly it doesn't have enough slots to hold all the different colours but it was as long as I could make with the sheets I had so it'll have to do. 


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