Code Wheel Tray

The Dislocation Puzzle has a ten digit lock in the bottom of the game, solving the codes of the game gives you the answer to open this lock and it's a fairly standard sort of mechanism (I may release it in some form at some point). Each of the code wheels inside the lock is unique, each lock opens at a different angle so that the wood grain doesn't give away the solution (I'm mean like that). So this means I end up with ten very similar looking wheels produced in quantity during the assembly process. To help me stay organised I designed this little tray to keep all the wheels separated.

I've made similar trays before and they're usually quite a basic design, the trays I made for my Lego lack coffee table are still one of the most requested items on my blog. Over time though the bottom of the trays have warped and come away from the adjoining sections. This is largely due to the sheer volume of Lego but I guess age and children leaning on them have a part to play. Because of that I tried to design this simple tray a little bit differently. The vertical spars all slot together to form the spine of the tray and the base of each tray clips into the sides spars, rather than being glued to the bottom of them. This in theory should make the bases much sturdier and unlikely to break over time. Sadly it was all a bit of a faff to put together and I ended up splodging a lot of glue over everything but the theory is sound. I intend to take another shot at these trays as soon as I get some free time, experimenting with longer tabs into the side walls and different placements of them. It's still nice to get some inspiration from little projects like this though.


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