Scaling up to kit quantities

But firstly a divergence into glue.
I have a few kits available in my shop and some of them require glue for assembly. It's always been a bit of a sticky subject for me. I recommend Evo-Stik weatherproof wood adhesive because it grabs quickly and dries solid/clear but I've seen people try to assemble kits with school PVA, superglue or even hot glue (which never works). With this in mind I try to design kits that don't require glue at all, the useless machine went from a glue heavy box to a completely glue free box (and it only took 4 years apparently).

This new kit has one awkward part that must be glued and because it connects the drive shaft to the motor it needs to be glued properly. It's four layers of material and is the kind of part that should be manufactured a different way but time is not on my side. Instead of building each one individually I realised I could build several at once to speed things up. By leaving a row of them held together on a sprue I can glue a whole row at the same time, the sprue even helps with aligning the layers accurately. Once the glue has dried I can just snap off one at a time and insert them into the kits.

This allows me to ship another 'glue free' kit without driving myself mad with assembly, which is nice.

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